Wenger Fixed Stairway with Handrail, 2-Step

Fixed Stairway with Handrail, 2-Step

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Contract Number: ESD112-LE-18B

Last updated 5/22/2019

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Wenger Corporation

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Product Number: 281A100

  • Fixed Stairway w/Handrail, 2-Step stairwasy for 16" or 24" stage heights
  • Wenger engineers have specially designed staging stairs to match Wenger staging versatility
  • Features include: All units are built with safety treads and permanent dual handreails for onstage safety
  • Steps are 36" x 11" (99 x 28 cm)
  • Long-lasting Appearance – Polycarbonate material won’t scratch or dent, making them virtually “graffiti proof.”
  • Protection of Instruments – No worrying about scratching or denting expensive instruments.
  • Weight: 55 lbs

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