General Instructions - LearningEdge Contract

How to purchase through the LearningEdge Contract:

Purchasers should use the following steps to order products that are on the LearningEdge contracts.

  1. If you have determined that your organization's governing laws require an Interlocal Agreement with ESD 112, they are available on ESD 112's Purchasing Interlocal Agreements page.  The instructions for completing the form and how to proceed with getting authorized signatures is listed on the  Purchasing tab, within the Purchasing Interlocal agreements menu.   
  2. Request a price quote for the desired items from the vendor. This is required.
  3. Initiate a purchase by using a purchase order or procurement card.
  4. Make your purchase order to the Awarded Bidder.
  5. Include the LearningEdge contract number #ESD112-LE-18B.
  6. Fax your purchase order and the vendor’s price quote to the vendor, as per their instructions on their price quote.